Cura Settings And Big 3DBenchy By 3D Printing Canada

Jason from 3D Printing Canada talks about slicer settings in Cura and prints a scaled up 3DBenchy on […]

3D Printing A Huge 3DBenchy & Cura Walkthrough

Improve 3D prints Video

YouTuber “TheRealFloppy” created this video where he shares some tips on how to improve quality of 3D prints […]

Improve 3D printing quality with 3D Benchy

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About 3D-nesting as many #3DBenchy boats as possible

The STL file format has been used as a standard for 3D printing since the 1990s. We therefore […]

#3DBenchy as 3D Manufacturing Format

Normally 3D-printed layer heights measure 200 microns (0,2 mm). This image shows the result of 3D printing a […]

Wiggly 1 mm thick 3D-printed layers

The Vectary web-based 3D-modelling tool has just seen its first beta release. We therefore gave it a quick […]

A quick test of the Vectary Online Modelling Tool

Sylvain Lefebvre, a member of the research team with INRIA in Nancy, France, wrote some interesting documents about slicing […]

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