Measure and calibrate



Use #3DBenchy to test and calibrate your 3D printer by adjusting hardware and software settings for optimal results.

The shape and size of this 3D model is designed to challenge 3D printers. Compare your #3DBenchy results with the dimensions illustrated below. These are easy to measure with a caliper.

Print and check your 3D-printer’s result for dimensional accuracy, tolerances, warping and deviations related to changes in printing parameters and material types.

Regardless of how well #3DBenchy 3D-prints on a certain 3D printer, it is a valuable tool for comparing results between several different 3D printers, assuming that similar print settings where used.

Bridge roof length

The front and rear surfaces of the roof are parallel at a distance of 23.00 mm.




Chimney roundness

The cylindrical hole and outer top part of the chimney measure 3.00 and 7.00 mm in diameter. The depth of the blind hole measures 11.00 mm.




Horizontal overall-length

#3DBenchy’s horizontal overall-length from bow to stern measures 60.00 mm.




Horizontal overall-width

#3DBenchy’s horizontal overall-width from port to starboard measures 31.00 mm.




Vertical overall-height

#3DBenchy’s vertical overall-height from top to bottom measures 48.00 mm. The top of the box measures 15.50 mm above the bottom surface.




Cargo-box size

The box on #3DBenchy’s deck measures 12.00 x 10.81 mm on the outside and 8.00 x 7.00 mm on the inside. The depth measures 9.00 mm.




Hawsepipe diameter

The inner diameter of #3DBenchy’s hawsepipe measures 4.00 mm. The depth of the flange against the hull is 0.30 mm.




Bridge front window size

The rectangular front window measures 10.50 x 9.50 mm. Its parallel inner surfaces are horizontally cut into the bridge.




Bridge rear window size

The inner diameter of the cylindrical stern window meastures 9.00 mm. Its outer diameter measures 12.00 mm. The flange’s depth is 0.30 mm.




Bow overhang inclination

#3DBenchy’s high-cain spoon bow has a 40° overhang angle to the horizontal plane.




Bridge roof inclination

The roof of the bridge slopes at a 5.5° angle to the horizontal plane.




Small-detail stern nameplate

The sign and small letters at the stern are extruded at 0.10 mm.