Creative Commons License

#3DBenchy by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Permissions beyond the scope and typical usage examples are explained below.


Feel free to …

  1. download the #3DBenchy STL file and 3D-print it as you please.
  2. give away and even sell 3D-prints of the #3DBenchy STL file.
  3. publish images and videos of your 3D-prints – you own them!
  4. redistribute the unmodified #3DBenchy STL file as you please. Such as hosting your own downloads, attaching to emails, including the file on DVDs, USB-sticks, and in software distributions, bundling the STL or pre-sliced print file with 3D printer kits, etc.
  5. experiment, be inventive and creative! We made #3DBenchy as a tool for playing around with and testing 3D printers. Improve your skills and challenge your machine and its software. Try every setting, variation and material you can think of!
  6. … modify #3DBenchy for personal use. Feel free to publish texts, images and videos of your experimentation (these are your work and you own them!). Please respect the above list items regarding not distributing modified STL files of #3DBenchy.


#3DBenchy is designed to be a a calibration tool for testing 3D print settings and comparing the performance of different 3D printers. Therefore it is important that the same unmodified STL file is consistently used for this purpose.


We designed the little #3DBenchy boat and this expanding web page to help 3D printer operators on this planet to better navigate the vast sea of 3D printing possibilities!

It is also meant to be a fun object to experiment with and discover 3D printing. If you enjoy #3DBenchy and the content on this site, please give us attribution in your publishings. Simply include the word #3DBenchy and the URL The team behind #3DBenchy highly appreciates your help!