#3DBenchy news

Famous 3DBenchy

Not long ago 3DBenchy reached a milstone of 100.000 downloads on Thingiverse. That number is now up to […]

500.000 3DBenchy downloads on Thingiverse

Thingiverse member Chris Holmstrom, made this charming interpretation of the #3DBenchy boat in a scene from the iconic movie […]

The Jaws #3DBenchy by Chris Holmstrom

Michael Fogleman (@FogleBird), a software engineer at @Formlabs, published this interesting article about nesting as many #3DBenchy STL files into […]

About 3D-nesting as many #3DBenchy boats as possible

Paul Van Gaans, running the YouTube channel Print Very Good, made this eloquent video, explaining his use of the […]

Paul Van Gaans explains his use of #3DBenchy

See a fleet of #3DBenchy boats 3D-printed upside down on a BCN Sigma 3D printer. Image source: Thingiverse.com

3DBenchy boats printed upside down on BCN Sigma

Reddit user SHIZZILBISCUT made this beautiful #3DBenchy by printing it on an FFF 3D printer and then burning out the […]

Metal #3DBenchy cast in brass!

The standard method of using #3DBenchy is at 100% scale, which makes it easy to compare surface features and […]

Giant #3DBenchy made by Dave Gaylord

Joel Telling met Daniel Norée at the 2017 Midwest RepRap Festival, where he interviewed him about the popular #3DBenchy […]

Joel Telling interviews #3DBenchy’s father

What to do with all those #3DBenchy boats laying your 3D printer? Try stacking as many as possible! […]

#3DBenchy stacking challenge