“The new 3DBenchy right now”

A couple of weeks ago, the “3D Printing Nerd” published this great video on his YouTube channel, talking about the 3D printed face shields – a 3D model developed by 3DVerkstan – as the “new #3DBenchy right now”. Supplies of face shields is getting low around the world. This model is a great way that all 3D printing enthusiasts can help fight Covid-19.

Let’s all help out!

The #3DBenchy model has become quite an iconic 3D model over the past years, and has been downloaded over 2,000,000 times (from Thingiverse alone). If all of us would download and print these face shields, we could help fight the Corona virus tremendously.

Creative Tools, the company behind #3DBenchy, have donated over 32 kg of ECOrefill PLA filament to a local business partner – Fab Lab – for them to produce over 2.000 face shields.

Maybe your local healthcare workers need some face shields too? Download the model and find instructions at Faceshield.nu.