Thingiverse member Chris Holmstrom, made this charming interpretation of the #3DBenchy boat in a scene from the iconic movie […]

The Jaws #3DBenchy by Chris Holmstrom

Michael Fogleman (@FogleBird), a software engineer at @Formlabs, published this interesting article about nesting as many #3DBenchy STL files into […]

About 3D-nesting as many #3DBenchy boats as possible

Paul Van Gaans, running the YouTube channel Print Very Good, made this eloquent video, explaining his use of the […]

Paul Van Gaans explains his use of #3DBenchy

You can now download these two illustrations of a stylized low-resolution #3DBenchy, seen from a side view. The images […]

Download low-res #3DBenchy wireframe illustration

A sample of the #3DBenchy made on a high-resolution resin-based by DWS. Raft and support structures are still attached. […]

High-res #3DBenchy printed on DWS 3D printer

3DPlatform recently made this very large #3DBenchy. Recently we 3D printed a large (15lb 11oz) benchy. The large boat […]

Giant #3DBenchy by 3DPlatform

Thingiverse user 3DResearchBryce, recently uploaded on Thingiverse this fantastic metal #3DBenchy, 3D-printed on the ATLAS equipment. Built in 316 Stainless Steel, on […]

#3DBenchy made of stainless steel

See a fleet of #3DBenchy boats 3D-printed upside down on a BCN Sigma 3D printer. Image source:

3DBenchy boats printed upside down on BCN Sigma

#3DBenchy, the tiny boat initially designed for internal testing purposes at the Swedish 3D solutions provider Creative Tools, […]

#3DBenchy – A Small Giant in the World of 3D Printing