Dual-colour #3DBenchy on a BCN Sigma 3D printer


3D printers with dual extruders have been around for many years but not many dual-colour 3D prints are actually made. The reason for this could be that 3D printing with dual extruders impose challenges relating to longer print times, material oozing and colour-bleeding, etc.

A few technical advances have been made recently by the industry to address these dual-print issues. One such is to physically separate the right and left extruder and let them move independently from each other.

The #3DBenchy file is mostly known as a single-colour 3D-printing benchmark tool, but there is also a multi-colour set of files that can be used to test dual-print 3D printers. These files have very small detailed features that really put the dual extrusion hardware and software to the test.

Our team at Creative Tools recently got hold of a Sigma 3D printer by BCN 3D Technologies in Barcelona and gave it a go. Here you can enjoy a few photos of the result of the first tests with dual-print #3DBenchy.

Dual-colour #3DBenchy 3D-printed @CreativeTools on a BCN Sigma 3D printer 15