#3DBenchy printed in sugar


Luis at 3DigitalCooks.com has put some serious work into the restauration of a z310 powder-based 3D printer by Z Corporation. This machine normally spreads thin layers of gypsum powder over the build surface. An inkjet printhead then moistens the surface of each layer that needs to solidify. The result is a solid three-dimensional object encased in a volume of loose powder.

In his project, Louis has replaced the gypsum with sugar and the ink with water, which means that he can now 3D print 3D files that turn into candy!

Delightfully (and deliciously) #3DBenchy was chosen to inaugurate his restoration of the old ZCorp zPrinter 310, which now as a new life ahead! :)

Check out Luis’ project at the 3DigitalCools Youtube channel. You can also follow the project on Twitter and Instagram.