The formlabs Form 2 makes a #3DBenchy

The brand-new Form 2 3D printer by formlabs has a few nice features that make 3D printing with SLA technology much easier. Such features are the build-in computer with a large touch-screen, the self-identifying resin containers, the auto-filling of resin in the build tank and a new wiper mechanism that ensures a clean exposure surface for each layer.

We gave the Form 2 a shot 3D printing the 3DBenchy.stl calibration object.  In this test we also tried the new One-Click-Print feature in formlab’s software PreForm. This literally allows you to do all the software preparation in one click of a button. The algorithm analyses the shape of the STL file, translates it into the optimal rotation, creates all the necessary support structures, chooses the best placement on the build platform and then sends the file to the Form 2 3D printer for printing – via USB cable or WiFi.

PreForm’s new One-Click-Print feature

The built-in high-res touch-screen display

The formlabs Form 2 3D printer interactive high-res touch-screen -



The images below show the first test of 3D printing #3DBenchy on the Form 2 SLA 3D printer. The print was made at 50 micronn layer height using the standard formlabs Clear resin. Even though the Form 2 and it’s resin can achieve thinner layers at 25 microns, it is noticeable to see that the rear nameplate of #3DBenchy had sharp and fully-legible lettering! We didn’t notice any warping or deformation and the surfaces came out very accurately. Here and there we managed to scar and scratch the surface while removing the support structures roughly. We where so eager to see the final result! :)

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