Slicer throwdown by Garry Purcell

Slicer Throwdown 3DBenchyGarry Purcell made a video testing 6 popular slicers to see which one would come out on top in terms of quality produced when 3D printing a 3DBenchy. He used a CR-10S 3D printer and did some some tweaking to the software beforehand.

Slicers used in the video:

  • Slic3r v1.29
  • Craftware v1.14 Beta
  • Kiss v1.6.1
  • Cura v3.0.4
  • Ideamaker v2.6.0.925
  • Simplify3d v4.0

Check out the video to see more about Garry´s results. If you like his video give it a thumbs up.