Flying 3DBenchy By Daniel Noree

We have already seen a remote controlled 3DBenchy boat but a flying 3DBenchy has not been seen yet… […]

A Flying 3DBenchy??

Thingiverse member Chris Holmstrom, made this charming interpretation of the #3DBenchy boat in a scene from the iconic movie […]

The Jaws #3DBenchy by Chris Holmstrom

A sample of the #3DBenchy made on a high-resolution resin-based by DWS. Raft and support structures are still attached. […]

High-res #3DBenchy printed on DWS 3D printer

3DPlatform recently made this very large #3DBenchy. Recently we 3D printed a large (15lb 11oz) benchy. The large boat […]

Giant #3DBenchy by 3DPlatform

Thingiverse user 3DResearchBryce, recently uploaded on Thingiverse this fantastic metal #3DBenchy, 3D-printed on the ATLAS equipment. Built in 316 Stainless Steel, on […]

#3DBenchy made of stainless steel

Browsing the Internet for #3DBenchy makes is a fun adventure. There are so many images and videos shared […]

#3DBenchy made by huzzaboot using a 3D printing pen!

This beautiful image of a #3DBenchy caught our attention because of its composition and bubbly surface texture. The […]

Bubbly 3D-printed surface texture

As 3D printing experts and newbies use the 3DBenchy.stl file for testing 3D printers, materials and settings, a […]

Larger fleets of #3DBenchy boats

Normally 3D-printed layer heights measure 200 microns (0,2 mm). This image shows the result of 3D printing a […]

Wiggly 1 mm thick 3D-printed layers