Browsing the Internet for #3DBenchy makes is a fun adventure. There are so many images and videos shared […]

#3DBenchy made by huzzaboot using a 3D printing pen!

This beautiful image of a #3DBenchy caught our attention because of its composition and bubbly surface texture. The […]

Bubbly 3D-printed surface texture

As 3D printing experts and newbies use the 3DBenchy.stl file for testing 3D printers, materials and settings, a […]

Larger fleets of #3DBenchy boats

Normally 3D-printed layer heights measure 200 microns (0,2 mm). This image shows the result of 3D printing a […]

Wiggly 1 mm thick 3D-printed layers

The Mosaic Palette system uses a clever way to make multi-colour 3D prints by calculating the correct length of […]

#3DBenchy made with Mosaic Palette 3D printing system

Check out this great image showing colorful #3DBenchy boats made by Mosaic using the Palette #3Dprinting system.

Colorful #3DBenchy boats by Mosaic

This transparent PETG #3DBenchy by Jan erik Halvorsen caught our attention! See more images via this link.

Thick-layered transparent #3DBenchy

This super tiny #3DBenchy caught our attention on the 3D Printing Club on Facebook. It is the most […]

Tiny #3DBenchy made with FFF by 3DGENCE

Thingiverse user Letaw caught our attention with his tricolour version of #3DBenchy, made on a Горыныч 3+1 3D printer using a […]

A tricolour #3DBenchy