Darren Furniss from Australia made this charming stand for holding and displaying #3DBenchy. You can download the STL […]

Wave stand by Furnibird for #3DBenchy

This beautiful image of a #3DBenchy caught our attention because of its composition and bubbly surface texture. The […]

Bubbly 3D-printed surface texture

It is always nice to watch a number grow and reach a nice round target. #3DBenchy just reached 1000 makes on […]

1000 #3DBenchy makes on Thingiverse!

Luis at 3DigitalCooks.com has put some serious work into the restauration of a z310 powder-based 3D printer by Z […]

#3DBenchy printed in sugar

3D printers with dual extruders have been around for many years but not many dual-colour 3D prints are […]

Dual-colour #3DBenchy on a BCN Sigma 3D printer

Ultimaker just released the new Ultimaker 3 3D printer with dual removable printheads. Here is a short video showing […]

Dual-colour #3DBenchy 3D-printing on an Ultimaker 3

It is fun to see new accessories for #3DBenchy being made and shared by 3D printing enthusiasts. Recently […]

Chimney smoke for #3DBenchy by AKIRA

As 3D printing experts and newbies use the 3DBenchy.stl file for testing 3D printers, materials and settings, a […]

Larger fleets of #3DBenchy boats

The STL file format has been used as a standard for 3D printing since the 1990s. We therefore […]

#3DBenchy as 3D Manufacturing Format