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First ever 3D printed and it is a Benchy, of course 👍😂😂 #3Dprinting #3DBenchy https://t.co/KXXTcbKtGg pgt_r2ursystem 0 3

SUNLU Silc Copper PLA
0.4mm nozzle / 0.2mm layer
200C / 60C (1st layer: 205C / 65C)
FAN 7… https://t.co/gzPRCl6anl
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#3DBenchy https://t.co/8kiSaDB9gk
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Benchy and it's little brother.
First print completed successfully on the @phrozen3dp Sonic Mini.
Now, it's time fo… https://t.co/poqlCpKaen
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