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El nivel de locura en la #impresion3d se mide por el número de #3dbenchy impresos. Todavía me… https://t.co/S3JWszXmue AdeFrutos 0 0
This is my 2nd try, Flsun Cube printer, PLA 0.1mm layer height, 20% infill, 200°C, 70°C heated bed. Sliced with Cura, with recommended "Fine" settings. Not bad, but certainly could be better. I think, the
@joeltelling @MatterHackers @ROBO3D @Kodama3D #3Dphil yep great design and great little stress/calibration test for… https://t.co/8sDrOJ9G3v Afro3dP 0 2
RT @ThatNerdChannel: Having a play around with the new @Ultimaker cura 3 beta. 0.2mm recommended settings, pretty happy with this #3dbenchy… Ultimaker 1 0
Having a play around with the new @Ultimaker cura 3 beta. 0.2mm recommended settings, pretty happy with this… https://t.co/gn6TzllYwS ThatNerdChannel 1 7
HOLY Sh(t. @joeltelling after watching some of your videos inspired me, best #3dbenchy I have ever printed on my… https://t.co/l4M3tM3qAw gaberm1972 0 7
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My #3dbenchy progress, this very nearly makes me happy #3DPrinting https://t.co/GYQf04HKUH Byte3D 0 1
I would say that this benchy is in the A- to A category. Not A+ but close..
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Total Noob, had printer couple of weeks still not thru first roll of filament.

Printed benchy as per web site:

0.2 layer
Infill 10%
Print speed 30
Travel speed 80
Nozzle diameter 0.4
Just got this little fella done today.
Well it's not great, but it is a lot better than I thought it would be.
Brand new Zortax M300 doing it very first print - big Benchy - marks on the hull are caused by a snagging belt - a little adjustment has proved to be needed after this big
Successfully benchmarked my Anet A8!! Very happy with the result!
Hey guys, wonder if you can help... I just printed my first 3dbenchy and generally really pleased with results. The overhangs and holes etc all came out great bar a tiny bit of threading which
Read about #reddit user SHIZZILBISCUT who made this solid brass metal #3DBenchy! #3Dprinting

multicoloured benchy using a single extruder on a Felix 3.1 by changing the colored filament while it's still printing.
What to do with all those #3DBenchy boats laying around your 3D printer? Try stacking as many as possible! :) Publish your results on social media and tag them #Stacking3DBenchyChallenge.

#Stacking3DBenchyChallenge. How many @3DBenchy boats can you stack? #3DPrinting +1s 2 2 0 3DBenchy
Amazingly nice multicolor #3DBenchy! http://3dbenchy.com/?p=1473 Mosaic Manufacturing Fabbaloo #3Dprinting #Color3Dprinting +1s 1 0 0 3DBenchy
Caleb Fairres compares #3Dprinting two #3DBenchy boats on same #3Dprinter, using #Cura and #Simplify3D http://3dbenchy.com/?p=1468 Caleb Fairres +1s 1 0 0 3DBenchy
Easily join two or more STL files into one single #3Dprinted object. Read more: http://3dbenchy.com/?p=1457 #3DBenchy #Slicing #3Dprinting +1s 1 0 0 3DBenchy
#3DBenchy gets into the time machine back to the good old days of the #ReplicatorG #Skeinforge #Slicing software. #Oldschool #3Dprinting :) +1s 2 0 0 3DBenchy
Check out this #candy #3DBenchy made by Joel Telling! http://3dbenchy.com/?p=1454 #3Dprinting #food3Dprinting +1s 1 0 0 3DBenchy
#3DBenchy flag accessory by Alexander Thomas http://3dbenchy.com/?p=1445 #3Dprinting +1s 2 0 0 3DBenchy