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@chrisriley3d Somehow I don’t think “water displacement” was considered when @DanielNoree designed #3DBenchy oshcfii 0 2
Move over #3dbenchy! There is a new #3dprinter calibration file in town! Head on over to @MyMiniFactory to download… https://t.co/jQxKYDpT07 PrototypeHubs 0 1
@FilamentFrenzy @spud01au When I asked someone after assembling my first printer, what do you print first, I'm new… https://t.co/ZnN4kMXlQ8 Print3DChannel 0 5
RT @callaghannz: #WeekendWow If you haven't seen yet, our NZ scientists invented new 3D printing for things smaller than a millimeter! Here… Khoonono 14 0
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Hey all! I have a creality printer with a 0.8mm nozzle. got issues with my print and hoping you could help!

Not sure what is causing this print :-I
Jason from 3D Printing Canada talks about slicer settings in Cura and prints a scaled up 3DBenchy on the Creality Ender 3. Check out the video below and don´t forget to give them a follow
We have already seen a remote controlled 3DBenchy boat but a flying 3DBenchy has not been seen yet... or have it? Daniel Norée decided he wanted to do something about it and decided to let
There´s been a quite a few different models designed with the sole purpose to display your 3DBenchy in a nice way. This one designed by Travis Jackson (Thingiverse user "nexnox") put´s our beloved 3DBenchy in
Monoprice Ultimate printer. Polymaker Plus filament. Simplify3D for Mac software. Recommended settings. The view from the top down looks perfect. Front and back. Issues with the back mostly. Suggestions?
Check out this nicely designed barge for #3DBenchy by Thingiverse user "JDM755". It´s a great design and there are two versions available, one basic version and one where you can add accessories the barge itself.
Benourito is a aspiring maker and YouTuber that has a passion for 3D printing. Like many other in the maker community he shares his love for the technology on his YouTube channel. In this episode
Fellow 3D Printing enthusiast "3D Print Tech Design" 3D printed 3DBenchy and when put next to a pencil it´s size is obviuos, it´s tiny. Anton who is the guy behind "3D Print Tech Design" 3D
YouTuber "TheRealFloppy" created this video where he shares some tips on how to improve quality of 3D prints and in particular avoiding blobs on the outer surface. The slicer used is IdeaMaker 3.1.5. Check out
Not long ago 3DBenchy reached a milstone of 100.000 downloads on Thingiverse. That number is now up to 500.000 which is crazy. It´s great to see that the model we at Creative Tools initially created
What do you get if you mix 3DBenchy, Baby Groot and Yoda? Thingiverse user scoutshady wondererd just that and to find out he mixed the three and created one to rule them all. Download and
You might remember a while back we wrote about Tom's 3DBenchy rudder stand, where you could fit 12 3DBenchys on a singe stand. Awesome design by Tomas! Thingiverse user Knickohr liked Tom´s rudder stand too
Anastasia Thijssen combined oil painting and 3D printing and the result is beautiful. Anastasia says "I am striving to promote 3d printing as an instrument for art creation and these Benchy paintings are a part
Thingiverse user "MikeyMakesIt" designed this handy "dry dock" for displaying #3DBenchies. Each dry dock can hold 10 3DBenchies and the design is made so they wont slide out the back and adding clips will prevent