Tiny 3D printed 3Dbenchy

Fellow 3D Printing enthusiast “3D Print Tech Design” 3D printed 3DBenchy and when put next to a pencil […]

Is this a tiny 3DBenchy or a giant pencil?

Slicer Throwdown 3DBenchy

Garry Purcell made a video testing 6 popular slicers to see which one would come out on top […]

Slicer throwdown by Garry Purcell

3D printers with dual extruders have been around for many years but not many dual-colour 3D prints are […]

Dual-colour #3DBenchy on a BCN Sigma 3D printer

The Vectary web-based 3D-modelling tool has just seen its first beta release. We therefore gave it a quick […]

A quick test of the Vectary Online Modelling Tool

We got our hands on a 3D printer manufactured in Poland – the 3DKreator. Its first task was […]

3DKreator makes a #3DBenchy

The brand-new Form 2 3D printer by formlabs has a few nice features that make 3D printing with SLA technology […]

The formlabs Form 2 makes a #3DBenchy

As we gave the Voronator.com service a try we made this simple test to print the Voronoi-styled #3DBenchy.

3D printing #3DBenchy Voronoi style!

The Voronoi pattern has certainly affected 3D-printed objects, such as jewellery, lamp shades, etc. Just for the […]

Voronoi-patterned #3DBenchy