Flying 3DBenchy By Daniel Noree

We have already seen a remote controlled 3DBenchy boat but a flying 3DBenchy has not been seen yet… […]

A Flying 3DBenchy??

#3DBenchy knows how go to paradise-like places! Thanks to Herman Kristanto at Indoprint 3D for sharing these lovely images […]

#3DBenchy knows how go to paradise-like places!

We had the pleasure of receiving these nice images of #3DBenchy at the Kuta Beach Bali in Indonesia. The 3D-print […]

#3DBenchy @ Kuta Beach Bali, Indonesia

#3DBenchy and CreativeTools setting sail to London to take part in the 3D Printshow (21th – 23th May 2015). You will find […]

We are setting sail to London’s 3D Printshow

We love it when 3D-print aficionados send us images of their #3DBenchy prints from places around the world. […]

#3DBenchy relaxes in Rhodes

We love 3D printing and boats. Even though #3DBenchy is made to be a tool for testing 3D-printers, […]

#3DBenchy by the river Nissan