#3DBenchy variations

Tiny 3D printed 3Dbenchy

Fellow 3D Printing enthusiast “3D Print Tech Design” 3D printed 3DBenchy and when put next to a pencil […]

Is this a tiny 3DBenchy or a giant pencil?

3DBenchy Baby Groot Yoda

What do you get if you mix 3DBenchy, Baby Groot and Yoda? Thingiverse user scoutshady wondererd just that and […]

3DBenchy, Baby Groot & Yoda remix

3D printing & oil painting

Anastasia Thijssen combined oil painting and 3D printing and the result is beautiful. Anastasia says “I am striving […]

Oil painting & 3D printing in a wonderful mix

#3DBenchy Dry Dock Display Stand_!

Thingiverse user “MikeyMakesIt” designed this handy “dry dock” for displaying #3DBenchies. Each dry dock can hold 10 3DBenchies […]

#3DBenchy Dry Dock Display Stand

Making the RC #3DBenchy by Thullen

After seeing the RC Benchy by Thullen at 3D Meetup Sweden Paul Sohier decided he wanted to make one […]

Paul Sohier builds RC Benchy by Thullen

The Voronoi pattern has certainly affected 3D-printed objects, such as jewellery, lamp shades, etc. Just for the […]

Voronoi-patterned #3DBenchy